Ask Legislators to Pass the CA Trails & Parks Bond

The legislative session ends this Friday—and time is running out for lawmakers in Sacramento to pass a long-overdue trails and parks bond.

SCBC is joining our friends at Rails to Trails in urging legislators not to leave without passing this incredibly important bill.

Please write your elected officials and tell them to pass the trails and parks bond.

Both chambers of the Legislature need to pass a final bill before Friday.These wise investments in trails and open space are long overdue. They’re not just great for recreation and connecting us to the outdoors—these investments help keep us healthy and choose non-polluting ways to get around.Act now: Tell the Legislature to pass the trails and parks bond.It’s been 15 long years since the last state bond for parks—and we can’t let this opportunity pass us by. Please take action now.Together, we can ensure more communities in California can enjoy healthier ways to get outside and connect with their neighborhoods.