Caltrans wants to hear from you!

Caltrans has just started the process of updating its five-year-old bicycle plan and is soliciting input from Bay Area residents.

While some of us may be feeling “survey fatigue” as all of our local jurisdictions are updating various plans of their own, participating in these plans is important; they set goals for road improvements and if something isn’t in a plan, it is unlikely to get funded!

The Caltrans plan covers state highways; here in Sonoma County, many of those highways are some of our communities’ main streets: Highways 12, 116, and 1 for example. It also covers intersections, on- and off-ramps for Highway 101.

You can help by taking the survey; you can also place markers on an interactive map to indicate troublesome sections of highway or dangerous intersections.

We also encourage you to take this survey by our friends at Calbike; the questions are different and in our humble opinion, more relevant.