SMART Station Bike Parking Investment Plan: Comments Due, Mon., Sept. 19

SMART is seeking input on its SMART Station Bicycle Parking Investment Plan. The Investment Plan calls for a mix of inverted u-racks, e-lockers, and bicycle stations, with the number of racks and degree of security varying by the amount of bicycle demand forecasted at the stations.

It is important to note that the number and type of bicycle parking facilities reflected in the Investment Plan’s near-term recommendations will not necessarily be installed when service begins. Based on SMART’s station designs, which is what we can expect to see in December, only a fraction of the recommended u-racks will be in the ground when the train starts running in December.  In fact, only two stations, Cotati and Hamilton in Novato, will meet the Plan’s baseline parking recommendations. Furthermore, NO e-lockers or bike stations will be in the ground when SMART begins operation.

SMART indicated that it will take an adaptive approach to managing bicycle parking supply at the stations and will work to address bicycle parking shortages as they arise. SCBC will be working closely with the Marin County Bicycle Coalition to closely track this commitment and to support city, business, or SMART-led efforts to implement more robust bicycle parking options at or near stations.

The comment period for the Investment Plan has been extended to Monday, Sept. 19, 5 PM.

Join SCBC in urging SMART to:

1) Ensure that the quantity and types of bike parking infrastructure proposed in the Investment Plan is what’s on the ground at the start of train service.

2) Develop a set of adaptive management strategies specifying how SMART will evaluate and respond to inadequacies in bike parking supply and security.

3) Commit to a timeline for funding and installation of long-term bike parking facilities, such as e-lockers and bike stations.

4) Engage neighboring property owners–including jurisdictions–to increase bike parking supply and/or bike parking security near stations.

Comments can be sent directly to Senior Planner, Linda Meckel, at

Read more about the Investment Plan here:…/6…/smart-seeks-input-on-bike…