Next Step Toward Bollard Removal

In August of 2022, cyclist Rob Reyes died after colliding with an unmarked bollard on the West County Trail. In response, SCBC and other bike activists began a county-wide campaign for the removal of unnecessary bollards and the utilization of other methods for keeping motor vehicles off bicycle paths. In October of that year, Sonoma County Regional Parks commissioned a study of the issue; while they did not remove bollards, they striped and painted pathway bollards to MUTCD (California Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) standards.

In November 2022, the City of Healdsburg voted to remove bollards from the Foss Creek Trail. A year later, they have finally issued a request for bids for removal of 23 safety bollards, asphalt pavement restoration, painting bollards, installing reflective tape, and installing new signage and striping.

Slow progress is still progress! Thanks to all the advocates who have worked on this issue, and to Healdsburg Mayor Ariel Kelley for her support.