SMART Update: They Listened, But Will They Act?

At the March 17 meeting of the Sonoma-Marin Area Rail Transit Board, they will discuss the feedback they received in the series of Listening Sessions they held over the last year since losing Measure I. (The session on the bike path had TWICE the attendance of the next highest session!) We participated in several of the sessions and have read ALL of the written comments…and we sincerely hope that this exercise results in some REAL ACTION.
According to staff summaries of the nine sessions, a total of 428 people attended and 96 spoke. It would be a shame for all of that time and effort to be wasted. (Click here for info on how to attend the meeting, and here to send them a message.)

Over the next few months, SMART is considering their budget and capital plan for the coming year. We urge them to increase investment in building out the bike/pedestrian path as well as set concrete timeline goals for its completion. Their recent financial reports indicate increased reserves, and more COVID relief funding is on its way. Sonoma and Marin counties are not competitive for active transportation grants, so SMART should commit to using more Measure Q and COVID funds to fulfill their commitment to the voters.