Those Darn Bollards

On March 13, a small group of cyclists from the Santa Rosa Cycling Club were riding eastbound on the West County Trail. Before the crossing at Dufranc Avenue, a rider collided with a bollard.

Other riders disentangled him from his bike and assisted him into one of their vehicles for transport to the hospital. He had surgery the next day to repair broken bones and is expected to make a full recovery.

This is not the first serious injury incident involving bollards on bicycle paths. We’ve been following this since the death of Rob Reyes in 2022; the issue also got good coverage from the Press Democrat. Sonoma County Regional Parks, the city of Healdsburg and the city of Petaluma have made some changes in response, but there are still too many of these unnecessary obstructions.

Do you have a bollard story? Would you like to see more of these removed? Contact Regional Parks and the County Board of Supervisors. (You can read our letter to them here.)